Chloé Jane


Chloé Jane is a watercolor illustrator with a background in fine art, UX, and graphic design. She is well traveled and inspired by storytelling, symbolism and myths. Chloé strives to create beautiful details in her illustrations and enjoys all of nature’s metaphors and never ending textures.

“Nature is never-ending, it is wild and full of beautiful textures. It pairs wonderfully with watercolors, which can be unrestrained and difficult to tame. Embracing this unpredictability yields organic textures similarly to the ones found in nature. I’m constantly delighted and surprised by both nature and the medium.”

Chloé is an obsessive organizer who doesn't like to be late. She loves her dogs, goldfish crackers, and listening to audiobooks and podcasts while she paints.

Chloé’s clients include The Texas Observer, Dog + Bone, Texas Parks & Wildlife, and H-E-B.



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